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Britain has its first ever Vaulting Medal – and it’s a gold one! is now World and European Champion after four artistically brilliant performances. In her Freestyle today, she was back on top form after being disappointed with her Freestyle performance on Thursday, buoyed by her strong Technical round yesterday. An emotional routine to Elton John’s Candle in the Wind scored 8.670 on WH Bentley lunged by her father, John Eccles for a final score of 8.413.. Germany took silver and bronze.

Joanne commented after her round; “I’m pretty pleased on the whole. I knew I had enough difficulty in the routine so I dropped a movement to make it simpler for me to get it all right. The horse was perfect, with my dad as my lunger, I know I don’t have to worry. I’m happy with my performance and all the moves went as I wanted.” She had to wait for three more competitors to see if the Championship title was hers but eventually the results were in and it was gold for the 21-year-old.

Her instant reaction was; “I’m a bit stunned – this will take a while to sink in!”

Earlier in the day, competed her round and scored just below 8 (7.980) to finish on a total of 7.804 overall. She commented; “I missed my handstand dismount but I’m still really pleased with the score. I was aiming for a score around eight but didn’t quite get it! Still, I’m happy to be 13th in the World and I’ll be aiming for a medal in 2014.”

It was back to business after the euphoria of Joanne’s win for our male individual and he was on the money with an impressive performance dressed as the Joker from Batman to score 8.230 in the Freestyle which gave an overall score of 7.480 which moved him up to a final position of eighth overall. He had this to say; “That was fantastic and has brought my score up massively. I decided to go for the full costume as I had nothing to lose. I made few mistakes but I can’t complain and the horse has been good all week even though we’re quite a new partnership.”

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